10 Reasons to Keep Your Home Phone

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Thinking of giving up your home phone? Before you cut the cord, consider these reasons why most Americans still consider a home phone to be indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

1. Reliable

Your land line service is still the most reliable, secure and best way to deliver dial up or high-speed internet to your home.

2. Security Systems

Most home security systems rely on your home phone line to instantly alert security companies about threats to the home from burglary or fire.

3. Quality

Conversations are not dropped because of poor signal quality.

4. 911 Service

Local 911 services have the caller’s exact location when a caller calls from a landline due to your home phone’s direct connection with the 911 network.

5. Call Restrictions

Landlines do not have restrictions on your calling at certain times.

6. Unlimited Local Calls

Your home phone provides unlimited local calling and affordable long distance. No counting minutes or expensive penalties for going over your allotted time.

7. No Surprises

No surprises on your phone bill—you know what it will be each month so you can manage your household budget more effectively.

8. Cost

A home phone is easy and cheap to buy and replace. Cell phones are very expensive, and the usual accompanying contracts are extremely costly to you in the long run.

9. Power Outages

Your home phone service has its own power backup and will keep working during power blackouts. (Make sure you also keep a simple phone in the home that doesn’t require batteries to operate in case of power outages.)

10. Local 

Home Telephone is your local company and is completely committed to your rural community. Your local phone dollars are all channeled directly back to building up and improving your local communications infrastructure.

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