Telephone Service

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Home Telephone provides Condon and surrounding areas with local and long distance service at an affordable rate. You can customize your calling features to meet your needs and fit your budget.

10 Reasons to Keep Your Home Phone

Thinking of giving up your home phone? Before you cut the cord, consider these reasons why most Americans still consider a home phone to be indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

Basic Residential Service Package

Local Access Service

Residential $16.55

+state and federal taxes and surcharges

Basic Business Service Package

Local Access Service


Single line Business $25.55


+state and federal taxes and surcharges

Additional Features

  • No Charge 900 Call Blocking – No Charge
  • No Charge International Call Blocking – No Charge
  • Inside Wire Maintenance $3.95
  • Caller ID~Name & Number $8.50r/$9.00b
  • Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $4.75
  • Call Forwarding $3.25
  • Call Forward Remote Access $2.00
  • Voicemail (4min greet/up to 100 min of storage/30 day retention) $5.95
  • Anonymous Call Rejection $3.00r/$3.50b
  • Call Return $3.00r/$3.50b
  • 3-Way Calling $4.75
  • Non-Pub $1.75
  • Non-List $1.75
  • Personal Ring (2 numbers) $2.75
  • Priority Ring $3.00
  • 30 Number Speed Dial $4.25
  • 8 Number Speed Dial $3.25
  • Special Call Acceptance $3.00

Call 541-384-2211 to request phone service today.


** YOUR FIRST BILL MAY INCLUDE: Initial installation charges of $36.25—Prorated local service for the first billing period—Advance Billing of next month local service charges—Any long distance for the first billing period— Labor ($60.00 minimum) if necessary.

If you are a new customer or have recently moved and wish to reestablish service we may ask for a $75.00r/$100.00 b deposit. Deposits are refunded back to your account after 1 year of good service or if you discontinue your service. We also will accept a letter of credit from a telephone company with whom you have established good credit history with for more than one year and in the past two years.

*** Discounts are available to low-income customers who qualify for participation in Lifeline telephone assistance programs. For information concerning these programs, please call Home Telephone at 541-384-2211 or visit

*Please note that HTC will honor your rate plan as established with TDS* If you have any questions regarding, please call.